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<nuxt-link to="/en/ashara"><span>Ashara</span></nuxt-link> Platform relies on modern and advanced technologies to provide an easy-to-use and flexible interface for training centers. The platform offers multiple functions such as trainee registration, course scheduling, tracking course progress, evaluating trainee performance, issuing certificates, and facilitating communication between trainees and trainers

We strive to achieve harmony and compatibility between our platform and training centers, where the software solutions we provide align with the needs of the centers and contribute to achieving their training goals. Our aim is to facilitate the training process and provide a conducive environment for trainers to deliver a distinctive and effective learning experience for trainees

High-level video protection

Because your work is important to us, and considering the value of the educational content you provide and the effort required to obtain high educational values, it is essential to have a solution that prevents the downloading of educational content such as videos and texts from your platform. Now, you can benefit from advanced content protection features using the latest methods to prevent content from being downloaded outside the platform

Integrated certificate system

To ensure the proper completion of any educational or training process, it is essential to obtain a certificate that validates the students' training. With the advanced certificate system in place, students will be able to automatically receive a certificate upon completing the training, which will be serialized and recorded on the website. Additionally, you have the option to manually issue certificates, and there is a system in place to verify the authenticity of the certificates

Integrated educational system

All the necessary features for a comprehensive training process, including notifications for trainers and students, a post-lecture discussion system, gradual content upload for students, a post-lecture review system, and a comprehensive system for questions and assessments

Ease of integration with payment gateways

The first Arabic platform to support receiving payments through crypto currencies. We have prepared payment gateways for you to easily receive payments, including Mastercard, Visa, cash on delivery, and bank transfers. Additionally, it is possible to add any available or supported payment gateway in your country

Multi-trainer/teacher support

A control panel has been provided for teachers and trainers to facilitate the training process. Each instructor or trainer will be able to upload their training content separately and manage live lessons online. They can also monitor and interact with students and trainees, respond to discussions after training, grade test questions, and track the performance of their training content on the platform. Additionally, there is a feature that allows trainers to monitor course sales and track earnings after the platform's commission has been deducted. This feature is specifically available for platforms catering to freelance training or multiple trainers' participation

Marketing Services

With the integrated email marketing system in the platform, it offers various features, including easier communication with your students and trainees, sending promotional emails and offers to potential customers, sending unlimited emails, easily adding mailing lists, and providing all the necessary tools to promote your educational platform, including promotional codes, special offers, and the ability to identify the most searched keywords on your website

Get an application connected with the platform

The application for the educational platform plays a crucial role in maintaining customer loyalty and facilitating communication. Get a distinctive and professional application connected to your educational platform and stay close to your students. Make it easy for your students to stay connected with you, providing high performance, unique design, and high efficiency on Android and IOS

The most powerful e-learning platform

When using Ashara, you will undoubtedly experience excellence. All the advanced features available in the field of e-learning can be found here. We offer you the opportunity to own an online educational website with the latest specifications and technologies, along with a set of valuable and complementary tools that make it perfect for schools, institutes, academies, or colleges looking to showcase themselves. By owning a website, you have a complete communication window for yourself. Understanding the importance of this, we have equipped this service with all the necessary tools for creating and managing your website and its content

Features of Ashara

Comprehensive control panel for the website with multiple languages and easy administration
Ability to easily add multiple languages to the website
Ability to manage thousands of classes and training courses without limitations
Smart dashboard for creating training courses
Ability to progressively upload content for students
Ability to log in through social media platforms
Excellent and comprehensive testing system
Comprehensive search and filtering system
Report on trainers' earnings
Ability to add attachments to the training course
Simplified lecture page
Review system and evaluation system
Displaying the progress and completion of the course for the student
High performance and exceptional quality
Dynamic pages
Simplified and easy-to-use payment page
Ability to add multiple payment methods
Optimization for search engines
And many other features

Ashara For Teachers



High-level video protection
Integrated certificate system
Integrated educational system
Ease of integration with payment gateways
Marketing Services
Multi-trainer/teacher support
Mobile application

Ashara For Training and Education Centers



High-level video protection
Integrated certificate system
Integrated educational system
Ease of integration with payment gateways
Marketing Services
Multi-trainer/teacher support
Mobile application

Ashara For Training and Education Centers With Mobile App



High-level video protection
Integrated certificate system
Integrated educational system
Ease of integration with payment gateways
Multi-trainer/teacher support
Marketing Services
Mobile application

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Smartphone and tablet users are increasing every day, so we provide you with a responsive design that is characterized by flexibility to display content on all browsers and devices (computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.)

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We are committed to delivering designs with creative ideas and advanced modern technologies (HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript) to meet all needs. This is achieved through a fully integrated team of designers and developers

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We save you the trouble by providing you with a multilingual control panel, allowing you complete and easy control over managing your website. This control panel is suitable for all users as it does not require technical knowledge

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We always strive to adopt technologies that facilitate search engines in understanding your website's content, making the indexing process easier. Additionally, we utilize techniques to compress images to reduce their file size, which speeds up website browsing



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