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Our "Bahbish" classified ads platform is the leading platform in its field in the Arab world. The platform is designed to provide a unique and innovative experience for users who are looking for a reliable and trusted platform to publish their ads

Ba7bsh platform stands out by offering a user-friendly interface and sophisticated design that makes it easy for users to browse ads and search for the products and services they need. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence technologies, data analysis and ad classification are performed accurately, facilitating the search process and providing users with precise and relevant results

Ba7bish platform is designed to be a reference in the field of classified ads, where users can access a wide range of different categories and classifications, starting from real estate, cars, and jobs to electronic products and various services. Multiple communication methods such as WhatsApp and SMS are also provided to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers

Posting ads through short videos

Possibility of communication between the seller and the customer

Distinct and easy search filters for the customer

High probability of ad reach

High rank in Google

Why 3Kode?

Suitable for your brand identity

Before we start designing your website, our team conducts a study of your brand identity to analyze its dimensions and philosophy. We also study your competitor's websites to ensure the design of a unique website that is suitable for you

Compatible with all browsers

We always strive to design your website to be compatible with all global browsers, using a Responsive Framework that allows visitors to browse your website properly through any web browser

Responsive Design

Smartphone and tablet users are increasing every day, so we provide you with a responsive design that is characterized by flexibility to display content on all browsers and devices (computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.)

Utilizing the latest technologies

We are committed to delivering designs with creative ideas and advanced modern technologies (HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript) to meet all needs. This is achieved through a fully integrated team of designers and developers

Effortless and easy management of your website

We save you the trouble by providing you with a multilingual control panel, allowing you complete and easy control over managing your website. This control panel is suitable for all users as it does not require technical knowledge

Search engine-friendly

We always strive to adopt technologies that facilitate search engines in understanding your website's content, making the indexing process easier. Additionally, we utilize techniques to compress images to reduce their file size, which speeds up website browsing



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With every step we have a story

Whether you want to start a new project or upgrade your existing one, make sure you are in the right place. We care deeply about the smallest details of the work and take all the necessary steps to ensure the success of the idea and its implementation in the best possible way

Start your electronic activity

We will create an official website that speaks about you and your work or services. We offer innovative ideas and creative designs in website development. Any successful company today needs a means of identification and marketing for its products, as well as effective and constant communication with partners and clients. Hence, the need for this company to have a website on the internet that introduces it and what it offers in terms of services and advantages, and acts as a link between the company and its customers. We offer you the opportunity to own a website for your company or organization with the latest technologies

High performance and speed

Technical support

Immediate assistance

Utilizing the latest technologies

SSL security certificates

Mobile application development

Compatible with all browsers

Creative and innovative ideas

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